To the End of the Earth

Nearly 100 years after Robert Peary told the world that he had reached the North Pole for the very first time, and was widely disbelieved, explorer Tom Avery was poring over documentation related to his expedition.

Pearyís claim had been derided because people just didnít believe the journey could have been done so quickly. Tom, however, was convinced that he had been telling the truth. Despite the fact that no subsequent expedition had ever come close to matching Pearyís time, Tom decided to recreate the journey.

Navigating treacherous pressure ridges, deadly channels of open water, bitterly cold temperatures, and travelling just as Peary did with dog teams and replica wooden sleds bound together with cord, Tom and his team were to cover the 413 nautical miles to the North Pole in just 36 days and 22 hours, setting a new world record and reaching the Pole some four hours faster even than Peary.

Weaving arctic expedition history with thrilling extreme adventure, To the End of the Earth is Tomís story of how he and his team risked their lives to solve polar explorationís greatest mystery.

"For Avery and his team to travel in the style of the original polar pioneers, yet still manage to beat Pearyís disputed thirty-seven day journey to the Pole, is quite breathtaking, and testament their great courage, fitness and determination. To the End of the Earth is a spellbinding account of one of the most important polar expeditions of recent times."
Sir Ranulph Fiennes

"Racing against the clock is one of the hardest challenges out there, especially when Mother Natureís unpredictability dictates every hour Ė that I understand. I can only imagine the brutal but beautiful Arctic landscape, which no doubt fills your body with a potent mixture of fear and exhilaration. To the End of the Earth is not just about human endurance: in an extraordinary way itís also about re-defining history."Dame Ellen MacArthur

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To the End of the Earth, Tom Avery, UK edition To the End of the Earth, Tom Avery
UK Edition
To the End of the Earth, Tom Avery, US and Canada edition To the End of the Earth, Tom Avery
US and Canadian Edition